Outstanding Customer Service in Cedar Park, Texas

urlLinda & I spent a few days recently in Cedar Park, Texas, a suburb of Austin, and our first impression was positive.  We took advantage of our Best Western Diamond Club status by lodging at the Best Western in Cedar Park.  When we moved into the room, the WiFi was horrible, making it virtually impossible for me to work.  The manager saw my frustration, and worked tirelessly to make things right; resetting the router multiple times, working with tech support, and giving me the number to tech support so I could work with them personally.  Ultimately, he moved us into a room with an Ethernet cable connection, but the new room’s WiFi was strong enough it really wasn’t necessary to use the cable.

While I was perturbed by the poor WiFi connection in the first room, I was very impressed by the manager’s attitude and efforts to make things right.  The poor WiFi connection wasn’t his fault, but he made it his responsibility to fix the problem, and he did.

DDpizzaOn Thursday for lunch, Linda said she wanted pizza.  There was a Double Dave’s Pizzaworks  just a couple hundred yards from our hotel so we decided to go there.  When we walked in, there was a young woman busing tables who stopped what she was doing and greeted us with a smile.  She then escorted us to the counter to take our order.  The Double Dave’s flyer in our hotel room said their Thursday  special was a 3-topping large pizza for $10.99, and we agreed to have that; however, out of the corner of my eye I could see they offered a lunch buffet; it looked pretty tasty, and on closer inspection we decided to opt for the buffet instead.

The young woman asked:  “What were the three toppings you were going to order?”  We asked her why she wanted to know because we already decided to have the buffet instead, and there was plenty of pizza in the buffet line. She replied: “I want to make the pizza you really want, and I will bring it out to your table.”  She then went in the back and made the pizza herself.

What great service!  We had already placed our order, and this young woman made the decision to go above and beyond what was necessary to make the sale.  We grabbed our salads and drinks and sat down, and when she brought out our pizza, I asked if she was the owner, and she said, “Yes, we own 3 restaurants.”  Her young husband came out and introduced himself and then busily started sweeping under a table earlier occupied by a toddler more interested in throwing food on the floor than eating her pizza.

This young couple didn’t look much older than their early 30s, but it was evident they worked hard to run and excellent enterprise and  put the desires of the customer above their own.  I am always impressed by outstanding service, and I told her so. She thanked me profusely, and said it was nice to hear because: “Sometimes being in business is really hard.”

I don’t know what Cedar Park is doing to promote such great customer service, but I hope it is infectious.

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